Monday, April 13, 2009

Listen to Artefact right from the website

The first new feature we wanted to add is to allow everyone to listen to our albums in the easiest way possible. Just click on the album cover and a player will pop up with all the songs ready to listen to. Best of all, it's completely free!

Why we are doing this

There's no point denying the facts: it's very easy to download whatever you like for free on the internet. Instead of complaining, we decided to embrace the truth.

What you can do for us in return

The first thing you can do is spread the word around!

If you like our music, consider a donation. By doing so, you can help us produce future releases. In the future we plan to make exclusive material available to financial supporters.

You can also purchase the CDs from the official store.

Artefact is definitely turning a page here, we don't know where this will lead us, you can make the difference.

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