Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Failure" to be released friday 8pm

The wait is finally over. Tomorrow at 8pm we'll release our new song, entitled "Failure". You will get a number of options to get the song:

Free Streaming

On social websites like Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and this blog

Free download

An MP3 version in standard quality (128 kbps) will be made available as a free download.

High-quality download (1.50€)

You will be able to download high fidelity versions of "Failure", including an instrumental mix, in a variety of formats: high quality MP3, FLAC, Apple M4A. You will also get a PDF file containing the lyrics. All 100% DRM-free.

Payments will be made by SMS exclusively, no need for a Credit Card!. The price will be 1.50€ in France, but it may vary depending on your country.

We're very excited by this release, this is the first new song we release a long time. Hopefully it will get the attention we dare to think it deserves!

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